I want to post my short story. I know my short story is bad, but I want to post it cause I love this. Haha:D. Just enjoy it guys!

          The frog got the ball which the princess wanted. And then the princess took the frog to her castle, but no one knew it.
          One day, while the princess was playing with her frog, the king opened the princess’ room and saw them. The king was so surprised and he was very angry. The king asked her to kill the frog, but she didn’t want to. The princess expected not to kill the frog, because she loved him very much, but the king was very angry.
          The princess was crying all night long. She was very sad, because the frog would be killed by her father. Then, the princess asked the frog to hide himself. Before it, she kissed the frog, and then the frog changed into a handsome prince. Her father saw it, and he was so surprised. He was very sorry ti his daughter. Then, his father asked the princess to marry him.
          Then the princess got married with the handsome prince. The king and his daughter was very happy and also the handsome prince.
          After a long time, the king died. Before he had died, he asked the prince to be the king of his kingdom. He accept the request.
To be continue 

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